CRM Software CAN Make Your CTO Happy (Yes, Really): A Fanhub Q&A

Date: Dec 4, 2014 8:46:00 AM

It's time for the second installment in our ongoing Q&A series with Fanhub devotees from BeQuickBeQuick is our parent company, and it's also the reason we developed Fanhub in the first place. See, we were on the hunt for CRM software that could fit the needs of our small business. When we couldn't find what we were looking for, we decided to develop it ourselves.

That's the short of it, anyway. For a more in depth answer, let's turn it over to someone who can provide much more insight, Sean Biganski. Sean is the CTO of BeQuick Software, and he's Fanhub's Chief Architect. He's the guy who dreamed it and lived it 24/7 until he got it just right. To say Fanhub is his "baby" is an understatement.

So without further ado, here's Sean.

Why Even the Best CRM Software Can Fail (and What You Can Do About It)

Date: Nov 28, 2014 8:33:00 AM

You've done your research. You've taken several products for test drives. You've debated internally. And then, FINALLY, you made the leap, believing you found 
the best CRM software for your small business.

And, then? Well, things didn't work out exactly as you had hoped. (Sigh.) Suddenly, you find yourself with a software system gathering virtual dust and you're thinking about getting rid of it and forgetting this crazy CRM thing altogether.

WAIT! Before you throw in the towel completely, we want to share six reasons why even the best CRM software can fail...and how you can turn it around.

Step Right Up for Your Collaborate Synonym

Date: Nov 6, 2014 8:36:00 AM

We're data geeks here at Fanhub, forever curious how folks discover our company and blog when searching online. As a result, we love digging into analytics to see what keyword phrases people plug into search engines. One phrase that recently caught our attention is this: collaborate synonym.

In addition to being data geeks, we also breathe, eat, and livecollaboration every day, so we sometimes take for granted that everyone knows what we're talking about when we use a word like "collaborate." Obviously, the fact that people are searching for synonyms shows that's not necessarily true.

So, without further ado, here are five synonyms for collaborate—along with explanations as to why these words are so important to us.