CRM in the News: CRM for Small Business Rocks the Workplace

Date: Mar 3, 2015 8:37:00 AM

Keeping up with all the articles related to customer relationship management can feel like a full-time job. Just set up a Google alert for "CRM" and you'll understand what we mean. This is why we're providing a roundup of some of the best articles you won't want to miss (and we'll do this on a regular basis, which gives you another reason to subscribe to our blog). 

Let's get to it!

1. Have you heard? There's a project manager shortage on the horizon, thanks to the fact that 30% of current PMs will be leaving the workforce by 2018. The time to prepare for this knowledge drain (among other issues) is NOW.

  • Insightful quote:"Find a collaboration tool that will help your project team and managers (whether internal or external) share knowledge, learn from one another, and improve their capabilities."

2. Mobile flexibility is becoming more and more essential for CRM users, especially CRM for small business. This probably isn't a surprise, given how much time we spend attached to our smartphones and tablets, but Software Advice's Mobile CRM Report 2014 backs up this assumption with many interesting statistics and trends regarding CRMs and mobile usage. 

  • Insightful quote: "Over half of mobile CRM users (53 percent) say that having access to their system on their tablet and/or smartphone greatly improves the quality of their CRM data."

3. We talk a lot about collaboration here at Fanhub, and with good reason. After all, it's the founding principle of our CRM. Read how our founder and chief fan ambassador, Steve McIntosh, describes it in Getting the Full Value Out of Collaborative CRM, an article he wrote for Sales & Marketing Management.

  • Insightful quote: "A team approach to CRM also creates efficiency in less urgent situations. Onboarding a new customer, planning an event, scheduling a web demo or launching a product trial become part of a continuous, seamless workflow when small business employees team up through one piece of software." 

4. Here's the thing about holidays: there's always one you can focus on as a theme for your marketing, be it Christmas, Valentine's Day, or National Hot Dog Month (yes, it's a real thing). So why not use your CRM data for holiday marketing (and not just in December)?

  • Insightful quote: "However, too many people view their CRM as a database rather than a fountain of knowledge to build a better customer experience. So, this holiday season, why not put your CRM to work for you and start connecting with your customers, not just selling to them."

5. When people thought about CRMs in the "old days" (you know, ten years ago), they typically pictured sales folks recording customer info like name, address, and telephone number. Luckily, this perception has changed. Today, more and more people realize that a CRM can (and should) be embraced by everyone in the organization.

In this article—CRM Alone Will Not Help Your Sales Team Win—the author expounds on this realization by discussing the importance of getting sales and marketing (and their respective systems) to "talk" to each another.

  • Insightful quote: "You could say that marketing automation is designed to manage the buying process while CRM is designed to manage the selling process. Both are needed to be successful in today’s social-Web-enabled world."

6. Social media has changed the world, including how businesses interact with customers. This article—CRM (r)evolution: digital customers demand change—dives deep into what this means for customer relationship management in the Social Age.

  • Insightful quote: "To meet the needs of today’s empowered customer, CRM must be extended to support the customer-led buying journey." 

7. And, of course, it's always good to end with this important reminder: CRM is only as effective as its users and the information they create, as this article in Destination CRM (also by Steve McIntosh!) explains. 

  • Insightful quote: "Pick a system that makes it easy for your team to maintain that commitment. CRM is never one-size-fits-all—you need to customize a CRM system so that it conforms to your workflows. You shouldn't have to meet your CRM system halfway."

Have you read any interesting articles about collaboration, customer relationship management, or a related topic? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below!CRM_in_the_News-_CRM_for_Small_Business_Rocks_the_Workplace

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